Distributor FAQ

S : How do I become Product Latifah Omar agent / distributor? 

We have several affordable packages that you can choose to start. Please click here to find out more.

S: What about the terms and conditions? What about future purchases?                        

The terms and conditions are very simple. You can view it here.

S. Is there an application form? 

Yes, there is. We need your basic information. Please fill up the form here.

S: If I am already Product Latifah Omar’s agent, can I still sell other products? 

Yes, you can. There’s no limit on what you cannot sell to increase your side income. If you want to sell other founder’s product at the same time, we have no issue about that.

S:. Do we have to maintain sales with Product Latifah Omar? 

Yes, we encourage you to consistently maintain your sale of Product Latifah Omar. InsyaAllah, you will increase your side income if you are persistent in this business.

However, if you wish not to be our agent anymore, please inform us. No hearts feeling. Allah’s sustenance is extensive. We can only work hard and pray for the best.


Want to be our agent / distributor? Give Fazila a call now  016-558 7569.